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When Sparklers Go WRONG…

Let me begin by saying we are SO THANKFUL that there were no serious injuries tonight from what could have been a disastrous end to a wonderful weekend of wedding celebration.  We did hear later that one wedding guest injured an ankle in the confusion, and we wish her a speedy recovery.  This image, captured by Wade, tells the story.  The reception was coming to a close, and the newlyweds, Jordan and Chris were about 15 minutes away from their sparkler lined departure.  Guest had already begun lighting the sparklers and someone apparently got too close to the table holding the sparkler packed vases. Within seconds, the table ignited into flames.  It was a miracle that no guest was burned.  The majority of the flames burned out in 30 seconds or so and some quick-minded guests extinguished the rest of the fire.  Once things settled down, the couple made their exit in a 1971 white Rolls Royce …and no sparklers. Check back shortly for a full post of Jordan and Chris’ extraordinary day.